Creative Producer

Jägermeister 'Night Embassy'

A unique programme dedicated to exploring the future of Berlin’s nightlife for the community, by the community the project will be run by creatives from across the city’s nightlife and supported by Jägermeister.


In 2019, Protein announced an open call for Jägermeister's NIGHT EMBASSY - a programme dedicated to exploring new creative directions in Berlin nightlife. The NIGHT EMBASSY invited all artists and curators forging their own path in nightlife and club culture in Berlin to submit for a residency at the space. Open to all disciplines including but not limited to live performances, DJing, music production, visuals interpretations, immersive media or building communities around events, six selected individuals/collectives were handed the keys to The NIGHT EMBASSY, a custom-designed, modular space in the heart of Kreuzberg, with a state-of-the-art setup, project planning assistance and budget to realise their ambitious concepts.

Working alongside a highly-skilled team of creatives, we produced a series of short portraits, all of which fed in to create the overarching 45” HERO video, introducing the collectives and the space to the Jägermeister audience. Filmed across 2 early evenings and 2 late nights, our small and agile crew worked across a multitude of locations throughout the Berlin urban landscape to capture the essence of the Berlin night-scene while showcasing the unique characteristics of each collective.

Creative Agency: Protein Europe B.V.
Produced By: Marino Coates-Chitty
Director: Vivek Vadoliya
Director of Photography: Henk Otte
2nd Cam: Tommy Fitzgerald
Editor: Lewis Lloyd
Sound Design: Tom Evans
Colorist: Sarah Salzmann

Jägermeister ‘Night Embassy’
Introduction 45”



Jägermeister ‘Night Embassy’
Ambassador: Pansy 15”

Jägermeister ‘Night Embassy’
Ambassador: MOVE UNLTD 15”


Jägermeister ‘Night Embassy’
Ambassador: CO:QUO x Digi-Gxl 15”

Jägermeister ‘Night Embassy’
Ambassador: Ghost, I x No Start No End 15”


Jägermeister ‘Night Embassy’
Ambassador: The Peripheral Intuitions Society 15”

Jägermeister ‘Night Embassy’
Ambassador: The Sweetest Taboo 15”