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Working with FvF Productions, ‘The Art of Listening’ is a collaboration between Freunde von Freunden and Danish speaker manufacturer Dynaudio. The series explores individual approaches to everyday listening with the scholar Holger Schulze, DJ Alexandra Dröner, and fashion designer Nicholas Daley. Nicholas Daley’s story was selected for a video production which saw myself and a reduced crew (Megan Courtis + Sam Templeton) travelling to London with the aim of capturing the essence of who Nicholas is, how he has travelled his path to where he is now, his professional work as a fashion designer and then most importantly, what ‘The Art of Listening’ means to him.

Creative Agency: FvF Productions UG

Producer: Marino Coates-Chitty
Director: Megan Courtis

Director of Photography: Samuel Templeton
Editor: Samuel Templeton

Freunde von Freunden & Dynaudio
Nicholas Daley

Press: Freunde von Freunden